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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 8, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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release. listen to what the sisters told soledad o'brien in this exclusive interview. >> we're free! >> so how does it feel to be free? >> it's great. i don't have to worry about wakeup call. don't have to ask if i can go to the bathroom. it's great. >> how do you feel? you look tired. >> i am tired. i feel great. it's just a dream come true. you know how you dream for so long. then when it finally come, you scared to wake up, because you're scared it's not real. it's just wonderful. >> when did you first get sick? >> well, they told me january of 2009. >> so you thought you might die in prison. >> yes. i thought i was going to die in prison. and so they -- when they got my sister, she talked sense into
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me. she came in the room and she was crying and said, we're going to beat this. she said you can have one of my kidneys. that's not a problem. i'm healthy. can you have one of mine. >> i told her, i can't do this, i can't live without you. i want you to see your grandkids raised. i said, we're going to walk out this door. she was like, no, no, i don't want to go. i was begging and crying. she said, you're going to give me your kidney? i said, yeah, we're going going to have one kidney walking out of prison. >> part of the conditions of release is you give your kidney to your sister. what happens if your kidney isn't acceptable? >> from my understanding, i don't think anything is supposed to happen. but we have other people lined up to be tested if i'm not. >> plan b. >> yes, plan b. >> plan b. >> some people said to make the donation of your kidney to your sister as a condition of release
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is barbaric, unfair. do you think that's true? >> yeah. >> you do? >> even though you're willing to give the kidney anyway? >> yeah. >> i think that a lot of people looking at it as an organ for your freedom. but -- >> is it? >> yeah. >> you can look at it like that, you know, because that was her condition of her release. but i think that i'm not agreeing with that, because i'm not agreeing within my mind, because she was going to do it regardless. >> many people focus on the fact of the condition about the donation of the kidney and not even what you guys talk a lot about, which is you say you didn't do it. >> right. >> is that frustrating? >> i don't too much focus on that, because everybody played their role, and it mounted up to one thing, we're sitting here in front of you today. >> what do you think now? you have filed for petitions for release before. why now? >> i think there's a time and a
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purpose for everything. >> i believe it was just our season. god said, let them go. >> yes, i believe that wholeheartedly. no matter how much we do, i believe there's a time and a season for everything. >> the sisters say they are grateful to governor barbour for releasing them but they will not stop fighting until their names have been cleared. the justice department is apparently using a new tool in their investigation, wikileaks that's the site that leaked thousands of government documents. they released a subpoena demanding twitter account information for wikileaks founder julian assange and other people. joining us live with details from washington, kate. >> a very interesting development in this case we've been following so long now. a judge ordered the social media site twitter to hand over information about the people linked to wikileaks, julian assange being one, the founder of wikileaks. also u.s. private bradley manning under arrest and
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suspected of leaking information to wikileaks. another person they are looking for information from, a supporter of wikileaks and a member of the icelandic parliament. cnn verified it but they have not yet obtained it. the court is asking for information including subscriber names, users names screen names, residential addresses, bank account information and more. it appears the court order was back on december 13th. we're learning about it now as the documents were unsealed this week. with all this information we're getting it's still unclear, marty, what information if any twitter has turned over. but according to jonsdottir messages she says she has 10 days to stop it.
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it's probably not a surprise she calls this request, this demand, if you will, the subpoena, unacceptable. >> well, as you point out, we've been following the story for a long time now. why is this development significant? >> well, if we verify these documents with the justice department, this really offers us the first real look, little window into the government's investigation, how they are going about their investigation into the wikileaks site and the release of government information. most recently as you know, the disclosure of thousands of diplomatic cables and documents. attorney general eric holder has been careful, as you can expect, not to discuss the specifics of their ongoing investigation to this point. here is a little how he scribes the u.s. government's efforts. this back in november. listen here. >> let me be very clear. it's not saber-rattling. this is, as i said, active, ongoing investigation. to the extent we can find anybody who was involved in the breaking of american law and who has put at risk the assets and
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the people that i have described, they will be held responsible. they will be held accountable. to the extent there are gaps in our laws, we will move to close those gaps, which is not to say -- which is not to say that anybody at this point, because of their citizenship or residence is not a target or a subject of an investigation that's ongoing. >> see there attorney general eric holder very serious about this. they say it's a criminal investigation. twitter for its part, i should say, marty, gave cnn this statement saying we are not, in their words, going to comment on specific requests. but to help users protect rights, it's our policy to notify users about law enforcement and governmental request for information. unless we're prevented by law from doing so. we outline this policy in our law enforcement guidelines. this seems like it's going to be just the beginning of, as you can guess, a very long investigation. we're getting at least a window of other strategy on how to go about investigating. >> it's a story that keeps on
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giving. thanks. >> it sure does. >> thanks very much. we wanted to ask our legal guys to weigh in on this story. richard harmon is in las vegas. avery friedman is in my hometown ohio. avery, i'm not going to start with you so i don't look like i'm playing favorites with the hometown man. richard, tell me, what do you think of this? the government is tipping its hand here. i presume the government can really sort of do what they want to do. is this legal, appropriate to go after this account? >> marty, first of all, we all know our government is both humiliated, mortified and desperate over all this wikileaks. can they do this legally? yes, they can. we have empowered or government with wide latitude in criminal investigations to look at your bank records, to look at anything they want. this is absolutely fair game. these people have accounts with a united states-based company. twitter is based out of san francisco. these are federal subpoenas
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issued by a judge for these records. give it to twitter, because the order that was served upon them precluded them from even notifying the customers. twitter went to court for the right to be able to notify the customer. they were granted that right, like the woman said earlier, they have 10 days now to try to get some sort of restraining order or block this. i believe this information is going to be turned over. again, it looks like a desperate attempt by the government to somehow, some way, makeup some sort of because of action here. >> avery, do you agree? is it desperation on the part of the government? >> absolutely not. let me tell you why, marty. the approach by the department of justice is absolutely the right way to go. clearly when eric holder has a press conference about going after brian manning and going after julian assange, he didn't tip his hand. he's approaching this in the exact correct way. the order came from the united states district judge out of san francisco. that's where, indeed, twitter is
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based. actually we would have never known except the member of parliament in iceland went public on it. again, i think bottom line if you're out there using social media, marty, sooner or later if in a criminal investigation like this -- and again for manning, it's treason, among other crimes, it's appropriate for that data to be made available they are going to get it. >> richard, do you agree on that, anything out there it's fair game for the government to get? >> there's no expectation of privacy. there's it's a criminal federal investigation. it's wide latitude for our government to investigate, to subpoena, to do a proper investigation prior to bringing very serious criminal charges. look, they are doing what they have to do in order to see if they have a prima facie case to bring. again, i don't think they have one, marty.
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they are very desperate. >> go ahead, avery. >> bottom line, there is something there. the issue in the case is jurisdiction, not whether or not there's a claim. you have to get your hands on assange. remember, there's other actors in this conspiracy. so we'll talk about this further but there is a claim, i believe there is, and i think the government is taking the appropriate approach. >> how come it's not harassment? >> it may very well be harassment. she's icelandic citizen, non-u.s.-based citizen who has enrolled in a country based in the united states. the material is absolutely discoverable and should be investigated by the government as it is. >> so how is it harassment? i don't see it as harassment at all. it's appropriate. a subpoena is a court order. turn it over. she's got 10 days to assert her right to see if they can quash the subpoena. i don't think she's going to succeed. she's a supporter of wikileaks. i don't see the grounds of a
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quash. i think it is appropriate. i don't see it as harassment in the least. >> we've got to end it there. we're going to talk about twitter later in the program. we're not finish with richard and avery. they will be back with several topics including can you defame someone on twitter. we'll discuss the first of its kind case involving courtney love. details about the murder of a washington insider. plus reaction from his baffled neighbors. >> when you see all these pieces nothing fits together. >> it certainly is unbelievable. it's a story that you might expect to see in the movies. >> the final hours of john wheeler after the break. [ boy ] with box tops for education, you can make a big difference. did you know that by march 1st, more than $50 million can be earned by schools just like yours!
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the movements of a former pentagon official found murdered new year's eve. cnn found john wheeler apparently called for a taxi ride to philadelphia two days before his body was found at a landfill in delaware but he disappeared before the cab ride. susan candiotti spoke with wheeler's neighbors. >> that's really all i know. >> reporter: robert and phoebe are as baffled as anyone about their mysterious neighbor. they called him jack. >> what's he doing? obviously i've never seen him like that before. >> obviously something was wrong. >> reporter: seeing him apparently disoriented wearing only one shoe on a parking garage video two days before his death has thrown them for a loop. >> it's got us totally confused. when you see all these pieces nothing fits together. >> it certainly is unbelievable.
12:15 pm
it's so story you might expect to see in the movies but you wouldn't expect to see it with people you know. >> he dropped him off at the train station heading to new york new year's eve. in his briefcase, an antique dish, a christmas present for his wife. it was the last time he saw his friend. >> helped him get the stuff out of the inside of his car and said that's it, jack. see you. i was out of there. >> they can't figure how he got from this office building in wilmington to this dumpster in newark at least five miles away. >> somebody had to be up to something. >> reporter: but what? >> i hope they solve this thing and figure out what happened to him. >> reporter: police now say wheeler changed his clothes when he was roaming around that parking garage to when he was wandering around the office building on the final night of his life. one more open question, one more gap in a time line leading to
12:16 pm
his death. susan candiotti, cnn, new cas e castle, delaware. in southern california, a serious problem after so much rain recently. at least half a dozen homes in san clemente are threatened by rain on a hillside over a golf course. four of those homes have been tagged unsafe. talking about snow in the northeast and southeast bracing for snow and ice. reynolds wolf joins you now. i have a personal stake in this. looks like i'll probably be out there in that weather come monday. >> i wish i could tell you different. all signs are pointing to a very busy day for you and tough for people across the southeast trying to get from point a to point b. simple things will be difficult, all going to stem from a system in the gulf of mexico. this morning scattered snow showers in places across the northeast. boston snowfall, buffalo. some of the heaviest we've seen in the past hour south of new
12:17 pm
york, southwest, in philadelphia where the snow continues to come down. a little bit of a break in the action, possibility for more development will exist toward the west. in philadelphia, believe it or not, is where we happen to have delays. grand delays 90 minutes. also delays in the west coast. san francisco, los angeles, even anchorage, alaska. look at that, a 30-minute arrival delay. tomorrow looks like we might be seeing delays in a different part of the country. that would be in the extreme southeast. the reason why is very simple. we've got an area of low pressure that is developing right now in parts of texas. it's that low that's actually going to pull its way to the northeast. over the next 24 to 48 hours, we can expect that low to interact with moisture from the gulf, atlantic and cold air coming in from the north. we've got the potential for fairly heavy snow in terms of, say, parts of the carolinas back into georgia, even alabama. could see three to six inches. higher elevations might see more with a coating of ice, widespread power outages and
12:18 pm
obviously issues on your road ways. something else we want to show you, how things might look. this ireport we have for you is actually up in parts of connecticut, trum bell, connecticut. she shot this in her backyard, six inches of snow in three hours. it covered everything, a beautiful winter won't areland. it's great if you don't have to get out and shovel it. remember where it is, the southeast, that kind of weather in the southeast, it brings everything to a standstill. widespread delays expected. mr. savage could be rough for you who has to brave the elements. might be somewhat cold for you. >> i've also got my shopping list together. the georgia list is also the milk, eggs and bread on the way home. >> you know the drill. >> floodwaters as far as the eye can see. in some areas of australia, high water starting to go down. we'll get an update. gets teeth two shades whiteret and makes tooth enamel two times stronger.
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the country racked by decades of civil war. now gearing up for a pivotal vote. there are concerns that split could trigger another violent conflict. thousands of refugees living in the northern part of sudan for years are now pouring back into the south. joining us from juba on the telephone in southern sudan on the telephone, david mckenzie. david. >> thousands of sudanese streaming back. show you some video. we took this moment to go on the arduous journey on the nile into
12:22 pm
sudan. hundreds of refugees -- not refugees but sudanese on this vote arrived and they were singing and dancing, jubilation, marty, as the sudanese streaming onto the shore. tonight they are going to be sleeping on little more than a blanket under mango trees. marty, this vote starting tomorrow is a seminal moment in african city. southern sudan, an area the size of france split from the north after decades of war between the african christian south and the arab muslim north. marty. >> those are remarkable photos and clearly people seem to be very happy. i'm wondering, is that the feeling of everything you come across, or are there, perhaps, people who are anxious about what may come after this vote. >> there's a sense by the people, particularly the south
12:23 pm
african president that negotiated, there's a sense of anxiousness, what happens the day after this referendum, what happens once the south is -- many fema it's a foregone conclusion. a year ago we were looking at the potential far more worry than there is now there could be conflict returning. they wouldn't get their act together to get to this vote of self-determination. we are a lot more optimistic about southern sudan. what happened after that is anyone's guess. what we should be seeing if all goes well is the world's newest anything formed later this year. >> david mckenzie, we hope all goes peacefully. thanks very much. floodwaters in the state of queensland in australia have started to recede in some areas. other places they are waiting on rivers and streams to crest. there's been devastation on a massive scale.
12:24 pm
cnn's phil black has an update. >> reporter: australia's prime minister visited rockhampton and other flood affected zones in queensland today. what she saw were communities experiencing different stages of flood crisis. there were those where floodwaters had come and receded leaving behind homes and communities devastated by water and mud where people were just beginning to clean up. then places like onrockhampton where floods came up and are sticking around. they are receding very, very slowly. for the next week or so, people will be living in this waste deep water getting around by boat. it's stagnant, smelly, other insects ar problem, so is access to food and water. it's hard living. still yet, there are communities where the water is yet to peak, where it's raining heavily and desperately building defenses to try to protect their homes. the cleanup is expected to take months and years. not just homes, towns and cities
12:25 pm
but to the all important transport infrastructure which links this enormous state. phil black, cnn, rockhampton, australia. since 1868, anyone born in the u.s. has been guaranteed citizenship in this country. now some state lawmakers want the 14th amendment changed to exclude children of illegal immigrants. a congressman wants birth rite citizenship repealed. richard har mon and avery friedman. thanks for being with us. i'm going to start off, read the first line of the 14th amendment, always a good place to start with the constitution here. all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states and of the state where in they reside. pretty straightforward stuff. so let me start, richard, with you and say what is the basis
12:26 pm
here and is there any grounds on which they will try to fight this. >> marty, out of frustration over the failed immigration policies of the federal government we saw arizona take the lead earlier, states are just frustrated and doing anything they can to try to block the flow of illegal immigration. i think a couple years ago there was 380,000 children born from parents who are not in the united states legally. therefore, states are saying we've got to stop this. we're going to take a shot, see if we can get this passed statewide and then by the government. >> avery, there is a legitimate concern, of course, when you see large populations of people appearing in your nation through a birth program here. i guess i'm wondering, yes, i see the constitution is very clear-cut. but can you in any way see the case these lawmakers in arizona
12:27 pm
are trying to make or their concerns at least? >> none. wait, wait. you asked two questions. yes, their concerns. but in terms of the constitution, not a prayer. actually, i'm offended by the very concept of looking at the first sentence of the 14th amendment and say, you know what, we want to litigate this case. in 1898, the supreme court made it clear if you're born here, you're a citizen. a case as late as 1982, a case of a child by an undocumented worker, the supreme court said unanimously that child is a citizen. the idea of looking at an attack of the 14th amendment by litigation is frivolous, exaggerated, i think it's prejudicial and frankly will go nowhere. >> i think it's clear-cut. >> the only way the constitution gets changed is by an amendment. >> i think it's clear-cut. let's move on. i like this case. this is courtney love, twitter
12:28 pm
deformation case. i like this case because it raises a fundamental issue, when you tweet, is that fact, or is that opinion? i've had people that tweeted unkind things about me. naturally i never thought of suing them. >> they did? >> here is the question, can you go after somebody, richard? what do you think? >> marty, bringing a lawsuit for deformation is one of the most difficult cases to prove in the united states. regardless of what state you're bringing it in, it's very, very difficult to prove. here besides all the elements that they have to prove, they have to prove that the person was damaged. were they damaged in some way, shape, or form by statements made by courtney love. that supersedes the point that courtney love has any legitimacy or she has the ability to damage someone. that's what her lawyers are arguing. basically she's a nut, no one takes her serious, so there can't be damage. >> it's easy to laugh. but avery, are there serious
12:29 pm
issues here? >> there are. i can't believe anyone would tweet anything negative about you, marty. >> absolutely. >> the issue is this, among the words that courtney love used was hose bag, dirt bag, any kind of bag you would choose, i suppose. this is clearly opinion. i'm surprised that the judge even permits this case to go to trial. i think generally as opposed to a filtered medium where you have standards and practices, very different than social media, i actually think that the judge should have thrown the case out. the judge should have thrown the jury out. it is serious. it's been postponed. >> just to hear you say the word hose bag i think was worth the price of admission. is there enough evidence against michael jackson's doctor to go to trial. richard and avery will be back with the answer to that question in a few minutes. the newest tech gadgets on
12:30 pm
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how many times has someone told you, hey, there's an app for that. we heard that a lot this year. that's why app has been chosen as the word of the year by a group of linguists. it beat 32 words during a debate at a meeting of the society. what a thrilling debate it must have been. it beat out nome, something to do with the pleasure of eating. all righty, then. now to some of the cool new offerings at this year's consumer electronics show. one tablets poised to flood the market. our tech writer joins us live from vegas.
12:33 pm
mark, the tablets are everywhere in vegas. how soon can we find one to touch here? >> reporter: hey, marty. there's a ton of tablets at this show. new ones from samsung, lg. here we have this new motorola zoom tablet. we can see kind of a movie playing on this one. they have a bunch of tech demos showed on this demo unit they have here. this is a new one for verizon wireless. they are not showing the software yet, so that's kind of what we say when we can't really touch all these, we can't really get therein and play with them. this one is expected to come out in the next 30 days -- 90 days, excuse me. we don't have a price on these yet. a lot of these new tablets are expected to come out in the next few months. we don't know a whole lot about them, how they will work, which types of app they have. the majority run versions of
12:34 pm
android operation systems on smart phones or microsoft windows, on many, many computers. >> michael milian. i know a lot of people obviously like them. the ipad has done extremely well. so the ipad is heading to me sometime soon. thank you very much. we'll talk to you later. beatles fans can get their fill of memorabilia in argentina. a fan collected thousands of beatles related items in the last few decades. they were in his home. now he's decided to open a museum, probably much to the relief of his wife. 8,000 items are on display. we'll take a break and come right back.
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the jobless rate falls to 9.4%, the lowest level since may 2009. but the numbers reflect many part-time workers are still searching for full time jobs. our mary snow follows a part-time caterer searching for an event planning position with the morguans hotel group. >> reporter: it's hard took find signs the economy is improving by log at this line that goes on and on and on. some 2,000 people waited in the cold to apply for 250 jobs and a
12:38 pm
new hotel opening in new york. >> what it must have been like during the depression, people standing out there. >> reporter: 38-year-old earl newkirk waited four and a half hours to get inside with more than 600 people ahead of him. once inside -- >> if anyone has an application filled out -- >> reporter: more lines. they held the job fair for the new hotel, in so who opening in march. he's hoping for an event planning position similar to the job in catering but different from his last job working for new york city social services department. after hours of waiting, newkirk's moment of truth. >> what steps do you take to make sure the work you've done is done correctly. >> i'm detail oriented.
12:39 pm
>> reporter: how many resumes would you say you've sent out? >> 1,000. >> 1,000? >> easy. >> because newkirk works part time he doesn't collect unemployment. economists points out counting part-time workers changes the jobless feature. >> there are another 9 million americans working part time but want to work full time. >> reporter: that hope for fulltime work is keeping newkirk trying what he can to land a job. he says emotions are a luxury, he must focus on getting a job. he can't hold back tears talking about the impact it's had on his sisters. >> for christmas they gave me money. really, not good. not good. >> have you gone through savings? >> pretty much. >> earl newkirk says that's the first time he's gotten emotional
12:40 pm
since he was laid off last april, that he's just trying to stay focused. there is some hope in december's jobless report. it shows the hospitality industry gained jobs last month. mary snow, cnn, new york. >> so difficult for so many people. we'll be back with more news in just a moment. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. looking at top stories now,
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we are learning a man in new york that police wanted to question in a gruesome hotel killing is in the hospital undergoing examination. he's in custody at bellevue hospital. he's considered a person of interest in the beating death of a multinational -- of a portuguese reporter and columnist at a posh new york city hotel. that took place yesterday. verizon appears to be getting set to unveil its iphone. the company is holding a press event tuesday. sources tell "the wall street journal" it is likely to be the iphone announcement. numerous media announcements confirmed it would come to the network this year. the move would end the four-year run as the iphone's exclusive carrier. all right. what happened the day after michael jackson died? this week we have been hearing testimony against the personal physician. many are watching this one very
12:44 pm
closely, including our attorney civil rights attorney avery friedman and richard herman that joins us from las vegas. the real question here isis there enough evidence against dr. murray to move forward. avery, what do you think? >> yeah. that's the question, marty. and the evidence this week was really overwhelming. among other things a couple of doctors from ucla medical center said, number one, dr. murray never said anything about the meds, propofol, did mention another but didn't mention propofol, which is the important thing. security guard testifies, among other things, marty, that dr. murray said, hide the propofol, hide the iv bags. oh, my goodness, even dr. murray's houston-based girlfriend testified she was on the phone with him for about 25 minutes before dr. murray even called 911. so for purposes of this preliminary hearing, the defense
12:45 pm
lawyers are handling it right, listening to the evidence. they are not cross-examining. this case is going to trial. >> richard, the defense tones are going to counter that michael jackson injected himself. could that be considered as possible? >> it could, marty, but pler preliminary hearings, these are a dream for defense attorneys, this the first time the defense sees the outline of the defense's case. they sit back, watch, evaluate the witnesses and prepare to attack them in the trial. the burden here is probable cause, not beyond a reasonable doubt, which you need for a conviction in a case. so the question is whether or not the government is putting together enough evidence to sway a job that there's probable cause a crime was committed and therefore go to trial. here the two big issues are, as avery said, whether or not it was gross negligence for dr. murray to fail to tell the
12:46 pm
emergency personnel and the people at the hospital that he had administered propofol to michael jackson. and two, whether or not it was gross negligence to administer propofol in a house setting. these are some of the issues coming up during course of this case, will be part of a trial. listen, marty, just understand this freak was taking propofol for years and his family knew it. it's ridiculous, i'm telling you, murray has a real good chance to beat this. >> what? >> obviously one of the messages is do not call your girlfriend before calling 911, reverse that order. >> that's a good proposition. another case here, the anna nicole smith case. she passed away some time ago but this case lives on and on. as a result, so does she. her companion, howard k. stern, a judge threw out a number of the convictions in the latest trial. i'm wondering, why did the judge do that? i'll get to the next question after that.
12:47 pm
richard, why do you think he did it? >> he did it because there was no case. it should never have been brought in the first place. obviously then district attorney jerry brown, who was running for governor, decided to bring this ridiculous, frivolous lawsuit against stern and other people. it was ridiculous from the inception. they never could prove it. the judge made a finding under california law that anna nicole was not a drug addict. once that finding was made as a matter of law, the judge followed up that the fact stern filled prescriptions under different names was okay. it's a standard done in california, walk done with any criminal intent and therefore rightfully dismissed this case. instead of criticizing the judge, the district attorney should be apologizing to these defendants. that's it, apologize when they get blown out of court for frivolous prosecutions. >> hold on.
12:48 pm
the district attorney is taking it to the court of appeals. the jury ruled correctly. here is the defense. howard k. stern is arguing, i am so stupid, i had no idea it violated the law. look, i kept getting pantsed in high school and then i got to hang out with anna nicole smith. i was so blinded by love i didn't know what i was doing. the jury didn't buy it. the jury came back beyond a reasonable doubt. only in hollywood, only in los angeles, marty, will a judge say we are so star driven, we have media, therefore the privacy argument raised by mr. stern is a good one, i'm going to overrule the jury. that's why the d.a. is appealing the case. >> is this the end of it, richard? is it legally the end of it? >> it's absolutely going to be the end of it. this appeal is going to be
12:49 pm
denied. it's going nowhere. the judge found she had chronic pain syndrome. she was suffering physically and emotionally as a result of the death of her son. the prescriptions were done properly. nothing was done illegal here. he had a great attorney. my friend from atlanta. it was a brilliant, brilliant move by the judge. it's going nowhere, marty. >> richard, i'm going to stop you there. i have to move on. i've got to renew my tab lot subscriptions. lindsay lohan, the betty ford clinic, ain't with an employee and the employee won't pursue charges. what about this? could she end up back in jail? avery, what do you say? >> no. she's got four witnesses to dawn holland, the employee. the case is going nowhere, not going to trial, won't be a probation violation, case is over. >> i do worry employees at these clinics would speak out. there is privacy at stake.
12:50 pm
>> what kind of clinic is this that she can sneak out at night, party with her friends in a hotel room, then sneak back in. this is not rehab. i hope he violates her. he's too soft probably won't do it. we'll hear again. it's two for two for the train wreck for lindsay lohan in 2011. she provides a lot of information. >> i thought it's privacy, then remembered it's lindsay lohan. >> well put, marty. >> thank you. i know he's saying something wonderful about me. we'll listen to richard later in the commercial. a groom's take on the unique wedding. >> it was really sloppy and the dancing was terrible. for that it was perfect. >> a flash mob wedding at a mall in boston. what could be better some the story after the break. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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time now for an update on politics. latest from the cnn political ticker. harry reid predicting the demise of the tea party movement.
12:54 pm
reid said the recession created the tea party and now that the economy is improving the tea party will disappear. rare praise from senate leader mcconnell says he likes the fact daley has real world business experience. that might be a sign the president plans to take a centerist approach. republicans pete session of texas and mike fitzpatrick of pennsylvania were attending a reception while being administered. they have been sworn in properly and preoath votes have been nullified. a much different kind of vow in boston. a couple decided to tie the knot in the most unusual of ways. they threw a flash mob wedding at a local mall with guests breaking into a coordinated song and dance performance. it came with a wedding
12:55 pm
invitation but everyone in the mall was encouraged to join in. it has gone viral what a shock. another big day for kate middleton. the prince's fiancee turns 29. what do you get the girl that's got the prince. some ideas. >> reporter: she's young, beautiful and about to become a princess. as the fiancee of the prince many see kate middleton as the one who has it all and one who is fast becoming a fashion icon. an enviable position, some would say, but spare a thought for her betrothed who two weeks after christmas now has to find her a birthday present. london department store is one of his favorite shops. so we went with personal stylist lizzie edwards to investigate his options. >> i think what kate needs is something a bit younger, more
12:56 pm
fashionable. she's in danger of going mumsy. something like this. a little racy, a little drape. >> that may mean chocolate is out-of-bounds at least for the big day. glitzy shoes are a no-go. >> that's not really her style at all. >> reporter: underwear can be easy to get wrong. so lizzie, lingerie, is it a possibility? it's every guy's stand by. >> it's a great present. don't geotoo lacy. so much nice underwear. >> reporter: jewelry would be a good choice. it would be hard to find something to outshine her 18 carat sapphire ring, which was once on the hand of princess diana and reported to be worth half a million dollars. mind you, the sales are on. >> thank you.
12:57 pm
when material possessions abound, one might want to think about getting an experience instead. with one of the world's most watched weddings, kate middleton may well be in need of a bit of pampering. then again she's already known for being impeccably groomed. now that she's on her way to becoming one of the most photographed people on the planet, a pair of dark glasses like these may be just the ideal present for a person keen to avoid the paparazzi. >> in order bad. >> but the best present some say william could give kate is attention. >> what more could he give her. all that stuff on her hand and feet, she only needs a little bit of love. it's priceless. >> reporter: in the meantime the fairy tale continues. cnn, london. >> nothing beats the gift of love. well, you won't want to miss our 2:00 show, especially if you enjoyed this one. one of our topics, should you
12:58 pm
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